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10 destructive stands that cause the most collateral damage


The story of JoJo’s bizarre adventure evolved his mid-course combat system, trading Hamon and vampires for the creative concept of Stands, or the physical manifestation of a person’s mind. Media come in a dazzling variety of shapes and sizes, and some of them are truly vicious and deadly. Others are subtle, even pacifist, like Tonio’s Pearl Jam.

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Regardless of the actual fighting strength, some Stands are known to be precise and careful, while others are known to cause a lot of collateral damage when in use, and some Stall users are not afraid of causing severe collateral damage. as long as they win the fight. In terms of collateral damage, how should Jojo Will the stands be classified?

ten Cream can devour the battlefield with ease

Anime JoJo Stardust Crusaders Cream Holder

When it comes to collateral damage in combat, the deadly stand called Cream isn’t too bad, but it can cause serious damage to the terrain all the same. Cream is a booth that can instantly devour anything in its path, including people, and nothing will be left of it.

If Vanilla Ice misses the target with its holder, Cream will dig smooth grooves in the ground or on the walls, and there is no way to restore this material once it is lost. Cream claimed two victims before Polnareff finally defeated Vanilla Ice.

9 The hand can also erase things

Jojo's hand part 4.

The hand is a humanoid stand of the The diamond is unbreakable story arc, and its user, the JoBro Okuyasu Nijimura, is rather sloppy and careless with it, resulting in a fair amount of collateral damage. When the hand slides her right hand, she can erase anything, including empty air.

The Hand can end up wiping out pieces of nearby buildings or objects whenever its attacks miss the intended target, and there is no way to restore lost materials once the Hand hits. Even Okuyasu doesn’t know where the deleted things are going. Unless the user is careful, irreparable damage is sure to occur.

8 The magician’s red throws around the fire

Muhammad Avdol is Joseph’s friend, and he is also the bearer of the first Full Stand ever in the series, the phoenix-like Magician’s Red. This booth can create vast amounts of flames, and Magician’s Red fought a fierce duel against Polnareff’s own booth, Silver Chariot.

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Avdol is a smart and cautious fighter, but all the same, Magician’s Red is likely to cause severe damage to nearby terrain or property during a fight, with all that fire all over the place. Fighting with this stand in a forest is doomed to get messy quickly.

7 Purple Haze will infect anyone who comes near

Pannacotta Fugo is an aggressive and angry stand user in the Golden Wind story arc whose humanoid stand, Purple Haze, shows no mercy. He’s not just a melee fighter – Purple Haze can also open the capsules on his knuckles to release a deadly virus that kills in seconds.

Fugo even admitted that this stand is risky to use, as this virus will kill anyone who gets too close, friend or foe, or even Fugo himself. The range might be short, but the power of the virus is absolute and Purple Haze can’t hold back even if it tries. That’s why Fugo was reluctant to use it, but Giorno still found a way to build up immunity.

6 Aerosmith sprays bullets everywhere

aerosmith jojo bizarre adventure narancia booth

Some long-range Stands are accurate, like Rat’s Sex Pistols or Guido Mista, but there’s also Aerosmith, the punk stand Narancia Ghirga. It’s shaped like a toy plane and can quickly shoot hundreds of small bullets across the battlefield to take down enemies. He’s not exactly a sniper.

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Aerosmith can tear apart property with these shots, like cars and phone booths, and Narancia never seems to care much about collateral damage. On top of that, Aerosmith can throw a single bomb to send an enemy, and that certainly does some collateral damage as well. Everything you need to win.

5 Killer Queen sets off explosions

Although serial killer Yoshikage Kira wants to keep a low profile, he wields a Stand, Killer Queen, who never fails to make a huge row when using it. Killer Queen’s power is based on explosions, and he can hit any object to turn it into an explosive. Then Killer Queen can trigger it at will.

Even a fairly small explosion will certainly cause collateral damage, especially since Kira tends to operate within the urban limits of the town of Morioh, where he lives. The pure heart attack is also explosive and can cause collateral damage as well.

4 Notorious BIG keep eating things

Anime JoJo Notorious BIG Water

Even by Jojo standards, Notorious BIG is an odd ability to have, and this booth only activates after its user, Carne, dies. Then Notorious BIG will be unleashed, and as far as Giorno can tell, nothing can quench his endless hunger.

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Notorious BIG can eat anything and grow taller, and he moves fast too. This booth took an entire plane apart during its single fight scene, and in theory, Notorious BIG would cause a lot more damage if it was operating the streets of Italy, going out of hand.

3 Bastet continues to attract magnetic objects

During the Stardust Crusaders story arc, Joseph Joestar and his friend Avdol clashed with Mariah, whose difficult Stand, Bastet, is not well suited for the duel. For the most part, it’s a clunky and silly booth to use, but it does have some merit, and it certainly causes serious collateral damage in urban settings.

Anyone who unintentionally touches Bastet will become magnetic and start attracting increasingly larger metal objects, from coins and jewelry to bikes and even cars. Soon Joseph and Avdol were wreaking havoc on the streets just by being so magnetic.

2 Oasis can destroy entire buildings

Secco's stand is a sanctuary

Secco is an eccentric Stand user who wears his Stand, Oasis, like armor. He has an affinity for the earth and can swim through soil and concrete as if it were water, then appear out of nowhere to ambush enemies. It can also spit earth and cause rain to fall in the form of hardened spears.

But that’s not all. With Oasis, Secco can destabilize buildings from below and cause them to collapse. Usually it does this to combine with Green Day, forcing the people inside those buildings to become physically lower and therefore vulnerable to the effects of Green Day.

1 Green Day can infect an entire city

The cruel Stand user Cioccolata is like a horror movie villain, with or without his Stand. He’s already verbally assaulted elderly patients in a hospital and made them commit suicide, and he’s done countless heinous acts as a doctor, but when he acquired Green Day, Cioccolata became even more murderous.

Green day spreads deadly green mold everywhere, and it can easily spread from person to person, especially if the victims become physically lower, such as crouching down or walking down stairs. It is said that Green Day, if given the chance, can infect an entire city while trying to infect and kill Cioccolata’s real enemies, and that’s serious collateral damage. Fortunately, it has never been this far in the fight against Giorno’s party.

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