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A look back at stories that made headlines in the Record – Shaw Local


Compiled by Jeff Farren from Kendall County Record files

March 2012

The Yorkville Wrestling Foxes finished second in the Class 2A Tag Team State Tournament.

March 2007

The number of homes in Kendall County foreclosed last year nearly doubled, from 232 to 408. Already in 2007, 106 foreclosure cases were filed.

March 2002

The Yorkville High School basketball team made their first trip to Super Sectional and Class A Sweet Sixteen. The Foxes fell to Bureau Valley 48-47. The Foxes finished at 24-6.

March 1997

The future of the historic Kendall County Courthouse is again uncertain. The court overturned an agreement to transfer ownership of the building from the county to the city of Yorkville, free of charge. They planned to set up municipal offices there.

march 1992

The Kendall County primary elections produced new office holders. Ken Toftoy beat incumbent Coroner Bill Dunn and Assistant States Attorney Tom Cross was the Republican winner for state representative.

March 1987

A report on the 94-year-old Kendall County Jail is expected. The county council will have to decide if they can bring it up to state standards or if they should build a new jail.

March 1982

A vote to allow alcohol sales in the canton of Lisbon has been overturned. The vote appeared to pass 129-120, but it was challenged and the Court of Appeal ordered a recount, with some excluded ballots reconsidered. Vote then was 103-99 to continue prohibition.

March 1977

The county is considering a zoning ordinance amendment, allowing an additional home on any agricultural land of at least 60 acres.

March 1972

The Cozy Café, on the northwest corner of Bridge and Van Emmon has been demolished. He had been condemned by the city.

March 1967

Yorkville Elementary School was the site of county dental fluoridation program clinics. In clinics, the teeth are dried and then sprayed with liquid fluoride.

March 1962

Something new has been added to Yorkville High School. Wrestling was introduced. The coach is West Tregoning. The only school with a wrestling program right now is Oswego, and they’ve done pretty well.

March 1957

It was announced in Washington, DC that the Yorkville-Bristol Health District has received $62,000 in federal assistance for the proposed sewage treatment plant.

March 1952

State Officer Russell Jacobs stopped a car passing the stop sign at Route 47 and 34. It was manned by three young girls from Chicago. The driver did not have a driver’s license. Investigation revealed that the car was stolen in Chicago. The three girls had planned the getaway before, with the full plan being to come into the country and “kick the old ladies over the head and steal their money”.

March 1947

The Kendall County Courthouse was named one of 13 Northern Illinois Historic Landmarks by the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois.

March 1942

The people of Yorkville and surrounding areas responded very generously to the call for cookies for the soldiers at Camp Grant. A total of 1,278 dozen cookies were brought to the library and then taken to Rockford.

March 1937

Supervisor Jake Armbruster reports favorable response to his trip to Springfield regarding the hard road extension from Oswego to Newark.

march 1932

A political ad for Len Small: He was good for Kendall County as governor. He gave us rough roads, the Plattville Game Farm, Hatchery and Armory, in addition to the full cooperation of our supervisors in their road building program, including state financial assistance for the temporary bridge in Yorkville.

March 1927

It is likely that the village authorities will soon have to put a force of men with a team of horses on full-time duty to remove the many motor vehicles which are “stuck in the mud”.

march 1922

Yorkville saw its first robbery in recent years when burglars blew up a safe in Moore’s Meat Market and escaped with around $15 in cash.

March 1917

The Yorkville Orioles will field two more teams on Saturday. This time the proceeds will go to the public library fund.

march 1912

The Yorkville Button Mill requests the development of water power from the Fox River. The factory employs 15-20 men and when you look at the pile of shells at the east end of the mother-of-pearl button factory, you get an idea of ​​the business the Rehbehn brothers do.

march 1907

Newark businessmen place considerable faith in the proposed electric road that McKinley Combine is studying between Yorkville and Seneca. If the road is laid out according to the recently completed surveys, cars will travel down Newark’s main commercial street.

march 1902

Equipment for Fred Young’s electric lighting plant has arrived and is being installed.

March 1897

Sheriff Ackerman is in town again. He attributes his illness to drinking bad water from a tank in a Southern Railway carriage on a recent journey.

March 1892

J. M Whitfield of Millbrook received two carloasd of wood; he plans to build a large barn this summer. John never does things by halves.

march 1887

Our beautiful courthouse is in ruins! A Record Extra screamed. Minutes before 4 a.m. on Friday, March 25, the fire was discovered. It is believed to have started in a hard coal stove. A lack of water in the courthouse hampered the firefighters. The recordings have been saved. Estimates put the value of the building, built in 1863-1864, at $25,000.

March 1882

There will be a grand masquerade at Budd’s Hall. The managers assure us that they have no intention of sparing their efforts to make it the best ball ever seen at Millbrook. Sweet’s Orchestra will provide the music and a costume designer from Ottawa will provide the costumes.

march 1877

The City of Yorkville Treasurer’s Report shows revenues of $1,376 and expenses of $1,269.

march 1867

We say with respect that the lack of sidewalks in Yorkville is a disgrace to the county seat of Kendall. Mud, Mud Mud!