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Alien confirms best weapon to kill xenomorphs in new comic


Sometimes, even when all the weapons in the world are available, a simple bow is best to minimize collateral damage, at least when fighting Xenomorphs.

One of the great gifts of science fiction is that artists can present a future that can be full of wonderful inventions, however, it seems that in the terror verse of Extraterrestrial, the most effective tool is also the oldest. That’s why in Marvel Comics’ most recent story arc Extraterrestrial, “Revival” written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Salvador Larocca, protagonist Jane of the besieged religious colony of Hadley’s Hope will face an infestation of xenomorphs, armed with nothing more than a bow and arrows. Hilarity will undoubtedly follow.

Created for the 1979 film Extraterrestrial directed by Ridley Scott, with an artistic take by Swiss surrealist HR Giger, the Xenomorph historically has a major trump card up its proverbial sleeve that makes it a devil to inflict death on, being that its acid-burning insides tend to spray all over the place and to eat through whatever he touches. This included reinforced floor decks, bulletproof vests, and of course human flesh unfortunate enough to be nearby, especially when said human was forced to use blunt impact weapons such as rifle cartridges. nearby assault or shotgun shells to deal with the threat. This remarkably effective defensive attribute has led to the untimely demise of many space adventurers, but Kennedy recently set up a new dynamic on a lush terraformed world rather than a spaceship that might in fact provide a simple counterbalance. to this devious ploy.


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Demonstrated on the cover of Extraterrestrial # 10 from Marc Aspinall, Jane, the matriarch of the Hadley’s Hope Religious Spinner Colony, will discover the benefits of having a non-oriented projectile against an acid-blooded opponent. While certainly not spray-free, an arrow does not impact with the same type of force as a spilled cartridge, nor does it employ potentially dangerous buckshot. Instead, the arrow pierces the armored shell and inflicts bodily damage with precision. While it’s not clear whether Jane will have help or be alone for this encounter, what is clear is that a well-placed arrow might be enough to knock the creature down momentarily, and it might be enough to knock down. steam. Discover the preview with the requests below:

  • ALIEN # 10
  • Variant cover by Dan Panosian
  • Variant cover by Junggeun Yoon
  • The Spinner community has been decimated by the Xenomorphs. There are only a handful of survivors left. Will they make it to the shrine? And what terrifying new type of Xenomorph awaits them?

Of all the nasty surprises the Xenomorph has, acidic blood is perhaps the most deadly. The reason is that even if a small drop of the substance gets on a person’s skin, it is powerful enough to maim or even kill that person by simply burning their tissue. As Jane has already proven, a bow and arrow may not seem like a reasonable alternative to a quick reload firearm, but in the experienced hands of a skilled archer it would undoubtedly reduce collateral damage and friendly fire.

Can Jane save the Hadley’s Hope colony from disaster? Extraterrestrial #ten goes on sale March 2 everywhere the comics are sold.

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