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APX Stream partners with Seismic to enable managers to streamline and automate data publishing


BOERNE, Texas, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flux APX, Inc.the industry-leading independent investment data management and distribution company, announced a partnership with Seismicthe global leader in activation, which will offer asset managers a transparent pipeline for data submission and automated generation of marketing materials.

APX Stream offers a cost-effective solution that automates investment manager data connectivity with an enterprise-grade solution for investment data assembly, warehouse management, and distribution process to over 50 investment databases. investment. The Seismic Enablement Cloud™ helps organizations of all sizes engage customers, empower teams, and drive revenue growth. The alliance between APX Stream and Seismic now offers asset managers a turnkey solution for managing investment data and extensive marketing distribution.

Kevin DunnPresident and Managing Partner of APX Stream, says “this new alliance is significant for current and potential new customers. In our continued pursuit of providing excellent data management and automated solutions, our integration with Seismic will further increase efficiency and consistency of data flow across the entire spread of our client’s marketing strategy Our goal is to provide the asset manager with a single location in which they can assemble, store and distribute all of their marketing and compliance data APX Stream Data Vault will now be able to power Seismic with the same marketing materials information asset managers use to create reports and publish to consultant databases.”

The alliance between APX Stream and Seismic will bring even more benefits to their joint customers, including:

  • Data flow efficiency, streamlined with prebuilt integration
  • Content including performance, assets under management (AUM) and portfolio holdings as well as characteristics
  • Consistency across all data sources
  • Use of content validated by compliance
  • Creation and distribution of fact sheets, client presentations, pitch books, etc., using real-time data

“We are always looking for new ways to meet our customers’ needs and help them access their seismic content and data wherever they work,” said Preseetha Pettigrew, Global Vice President, Strategic Alliances , Seismic. “We are excited to launch this integration with APX, which allows our joint customers to seamlessly create personalized and compliant customer-facing content.”

For over a decade, APX Stream has managed client profiles in the industry’s leading asset manager databases. With its expertise in data warehousing, reconciliation and data distribution, APX Stream provides the asset management community with extensive brand visibility and recognition to those conducting real-world mandate searches.

“Seismic is one of the most widely used destinations for data globally. APX Stream is the largest independent investment data hub powering not only the entirety of global databases, but now also includes a DDQ and collateral company like Seismic,” says Richard Jackson, Founder and CEO of APX Stream. “Asset managers want to be efficient and profitable in their data marketing. To have access to the deepest and most impactful APX vault, the manager’s data warehouse, and to have that connection to Seismic for the production of guarantees enables APX Stream customers to place all data in one place that distributes to every location the manager needs through automation and security without compromising data integrity.The APX Stream and Seismic tools designed to share data are state of the art and the fastest delivery we have ever built.With the leading technology teams at APX Stream and Seismic, the asset manager relies on our IT teams to develop effective tools as well as their own company’s other technologies.”

Asset managers interested in learning more about working with APX Stream can visit https://apxstream.com or email [email protected] request a demo.

APX Stream helps investment management firms, from single product boutiques to global asset managers, effortlessly manage and market their investment data. APX Stream Data Vault is the emerging market leader in investment data storage, management and distribution. A highly secure and customized SQL database, APX Data Vault enables the automated assembly, storage, reconciliation and distribution of investment management data. APX Stream also offers traditional investment management marketing consulting services, including design and maintenance of marketing materials, digital strategy, website design, product positioning and due diligence.

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