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ATTOM Integrates Transportation Noise Data Into Its Large US Real Estate Data Warehouse



IRVINE, Calif., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ATTOM, Curator of the Nation’s Leading Real Estate Database, today announced that it has integrated transportation noise data into its US real estate data warehouse, further expanding the ATTOM data element table with another layer of detail to improve property valuations and provide more in-depth information on the housing market.

ATTOM’s comprehensive transport noise data presents noise scores for roads, highways, airports, railways, level crossings, and hospital / fire engine stations. Also included are the names of the noise sources and the distances, if applicable. Spanning the entire country, noise data can be traced and traced via latitude / longitude or up to the address level.

“Our mission to fuel innovation with high-end real estate data for real-world applications drives us to continually expand our data elements, delivering even more value to our clients by leveraging real estate data to innovate in their businesses. sectors, ”said Rob Barber, CEO of ATTOM. “This precise focus remains an essential part of our strategic vision which includes the proliferation of our portfolio offerings, our partnerships and our cutting-edge technological developments.”

Leveraging the power of the ATTOM data warehouse – which contains data on property characteristics of national tax assessors as well as data on deeds, mortgages, schools, foreclosures and neighborhoods for over 155 million US Properties – Incorporation of transportation noise data will serve various industries with a better understanding of the impact of noise on property value.

The new ATTOM transport noise data product includes a summary of the desired location sound environment for all major polluters and numerical values ​​for each source of transport noise. With this comprehensive data, the market will be better informed about the opportunities of each property.

“Today’s highly competitive real estate market is ripe for transportation noise data,” said Todd Teta, chief technology officer. “Now considered one of the most important aspects buyers consider when examining homes, transportation noise data not only helps educate buyers and sellers – ensuring alignment on both sides. of the transaction – but also provide both parties with more confidence in knowing that important details have been dealt with. “

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ATTOM provides premium real estate data to power products that improve transparency, innovation, efficiency and disruption in a data-driven economy. Multi-source ATTOM on property taxes, deeds, mortgages, foreclosures, environmental hazards, natural hazards and neighborhood data for over 155 million residential and commercial properties in the United States covering 99% of the population from the country. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates, standardizes and improves the real estate data collected by ATTOM, assigning each property record a unique and persistent identifier – the ATTOM ID. The 20TB ATTOM data warehouse is fueling innovation in many industries including mortgage, real estate, insurance, marketing, government, and more. We also present our latest solution, which provides immediate access and streamlines data management – ATTOM Cloud.

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