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Gantz supports legislation preventing foreclosure of payments to soldiers

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has approved legislation that will prevent the foreclosure of payments to soldiers receiving aid from the Aliyah and Integration Ministry and the Construction Ministry, according to a report from the Ministry of Justice from Monday.
This legislation is primarily aimed at soldiers who have made their aliyah, or lone soldiers, and it will provide protection for special payments provided by government ministries to such individual soldiers and immigrants.

“We will continue to work to strengthen those who serve and assist any soldier to increase equality and strengthen solidarity in Israeli society,” Gantz said.

Funds provided to lone soldiers will not be transferable or seized under any circumstances, including payments for rent assistance to individual soldiers and grants given to immigrant soldiers five years after making aliya.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets isolated soldiers in a sukkah in Jerusalem (Credit: CHAIM TZACH / GPO)

This legislation may also apply to other soldiers of low socio-economic status. The legislation stipulates that soldiers in difficult financial circumstances are entitled to additional payments out of the monthly subsistence that soldiers receive in compulsory service, and the money is transferred directly to their account or to the account of their family members.

Sometimes a foreclosure is imposed on the soldier or a family member, and the money transferred to the account cannot be used for the purpose for which it was given.

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