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Greensky Bluegrass hosts Andy Falco of the infamous Stringdusters in Cleveland


Listen to the audio from last night’s concert.

By Scott Bernstein February 23, 2022 1:28 p.m. PST

Greensky Bluegrass and The Infamous Stringdusters brought their joint winter tour to Cleveland last night for a concert at the Agora. Infamous Stringdusters guitarist Andy Falco was GSBG’s special guest for a series of songs to end their second set in Cleveland.

The Dusters kicked off the action Tuesday with a 10-song set. The staples “Fork In The Road” and “Let Me Know” were followed by “How Do You Know?” from the recently released band Towards the fray LP to start the performance. The quintet then paired “Where The Rivers Run Cold” and “Down From The Mountain” before covering The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. Then “Get It While You Can” turned into “Wake Me Up”. The infamous Stringdusters have returned to Towards the fray for the ensuing “I Didn’t Know”, which gave way to a “Black Rock” featuring a teaser of Phish’s “First Tube”.

Greensky Bluegrass continues to eschew covers, a trend that was evident throughout the band’s performances in 2022. Last night’s first set began with the title track from GSBG’s 2019 studio album, Everything for the money. Fan favorite “In Control” came next before the five musicians set their sights on their new LP, Stress dreams, for “Cut A Tooth”. He was then back to Everything for the money for “What you need”. From there, GSBG dusted off “Collateral Damage” for its first play since January 29, 2020 – a run of 91 shows. Oldie “Runnin’ The Briars” followed. Next up was the ‘Tuesday letter’ suited to the day, as well as a ‘courage for the road’ featuring Stress dreams standout “Streetlight” inside to end the set.

“Just To Lie” led to an extended “Train Junkie” to start Greensky’s second set in Cleveland. The quintet then followed up “New & Improved” with “Miss September” before releasing Andy Falco for “Give A Shit” by Stress dreams. Falco stayed on to contribute an adventurous version of the beloved “All Four” as well as providing double guitar action on “Wings For Wheels” and “Kerosene”. Greensky Bluegrass went it alone to cap off the night with an encore “Until I Sing”.

Listen to The Infamous Stringdusters and Greensky Bluegrass performances from last night via audience tapes recorded by Scott Plumer below:


The Infamous Stringdusters

Set: Fork in the road, let me know, how do you know, where the rivers are cold, down the mountain, just like heaven, get it while you can > Wake me up, I never knew not >Black Rock*

* – with “First Tube” teasing

Green Kentucky bluegrass (via PT GSBG)

Set One: All for the Money, In Control, Cut a Dent, What You Need, Collateral Damage, Runnin’ the Briars, Tuesday Letter, Courage for the Road > Streetlight > Courage for the Road

Set 2: Just to Lie, Train Junkie, New and Improved, Miss September, Give a Shit [1]all four [1]Fenders for wheels [1]Kerosene [1]

Again: Until I sing

[1] – with Andy Falco (guitar)

  • Paris City Hall of Vieux Forestier

    The Infamous Stringdusters

  • The Tabernacle

    The Infamous Stringdusters

  • The Tabernacle

    The Infamous Stringdusters

  • Cain’s Ballroom