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Hailee Steinfeld Explains Her Favorite Scenes


Kate vs. Yelena was one of them.

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Hailee Steinfeld recently discussed her favorite moment from Hawk eyes first season with Entertainment tonight. It looks like our new Hawkeye is only starting to find his share of thrills in the MCU.

Steinfeld discussed his two best moments from the first season, namely the car chase of the third episode as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton try to escape the tracksuit mafia and the showdown between Bishop and Yelena Belova in her apartment in ruin in episode five.

Image via Disney +

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Regarding the car chase scene, Steinfeld said Entertainment tonight:

“It was so amazing, because this show is so beautifully balanced with these grounded characters and very human emotional conversations, and of course, in the perfect MCU mode, car chases and wild stunts and fight sequences. It was one of the first times I felt like I was in this very character-driven world, and then we got thrown in the middle of this car chase, and that was just the most epic thing. “

Regarding the apartment scene, Steinfeld added, “It was one of the funniest things I’ve had to work on and Florence is amazing in that scene. It was really special and fun to play. . “


Steinfeld also reflected on Bishop’s future, stating that while his illusion of superhero life has been altered, that won’t stop him from attempting heroic acts in the future:

“She, I think, is being forced to figure out what it means to be a superhero. It’s not just about jumping buildings and making people smile,” the actress noted. “There is, as she puts it, collateral damage that can go with it. But that doesn’t stop him. help people and protect people. She knows she can do it. And I think that alone can take us anywhere. “

Hawk eyes the first season saw the rise of another young hero in the MCU. As the movies and series continue to debut, we can see how these new heroes are stepping into superhero life as the MCU continues to develop.


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