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How electric acupuncture removes inflammation in mice


Hear the latest news from the world of science, with Benjamin Thompson and Shamini Bundell.

In this episode:

00:54 The neural basis of the effect of acupuncture on inflammation

In mice, electroacupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation, but only when certain points on the body are stimulated. Why this intrigued scientists, but now researchers have identified the specific neurons that are involved. They hope that this knowledge can be used in the future to help treat certain inflammatory diseases.

Research article: Liu et al.

News and Views: Electroacupuncture activates neurons to quench inflammation

07:28 Research Highlights

The Aztec origins of an obsidian “spirit mirror” and the damage caused by a Soviet plutonium complex.

Highlight of the research: A “spirit mirror” used at the court of Elizabeth I had Aztec roots

Highlight of the research: Cold War spy footage reveals Soviet nuclear ‘cloud generator’

10:18 Evaluate the collateral damage of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are known to cause damage to the communities of bacteria that live in our intestines. To better understand why this happens, a team mapped the effects of different antibiotics on individual gut bacteria species, which may offer new insights into preventing this collateral damage.

Research article: Maier et al.

17:32 Information discussion

We discuss some highlights of the Nature briefing. This time, the last species to be declared extinct in the United States and a potential planet that orbits three stars.

New York Times: Protected too late: US authorities report more than 20 extinctions

New York Times: This may be the first planet found orbiting 3 stars at a time

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