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Indians worry about unemployment, corruption; inflation fears fade


New Delhi: Urban Indians worried about unemployment and financial and political corruption, Ipsos survey finds. Interestingly, while two in ten urban Indians were worried about inflation, India ranked last out of 29 markets surveyed for concerns about inflation, according to October results of the ‘What Worries the World”.

For citizens of the world, inflation remained a top concern, posting a 2% increase from the previous month. Globally, citizens were concerned about issues related to poverty and social inequality, unemployment, crime and violence, as well as financial and political corruption.

Ipsos conducted the survey among citizens of 29 countries between September 23 and October 7 via the Ipsos Online Panel system. The Ipsos “What Worries the World” survey tracks public opinion on the most important social and political issues in countries today.

Commenting on the results, Amit Adarkar, CEO of Ipsos India, said the impact of the pandemic as well as the global slowdown is being felt in markets like India.

“India is still reeling from the collateral impact of the protracted coronavirus and the global economic slowdown due to the war in Ukraine, which are impacting employment, leading to increased corruption, crime and social inequality.Even the impact of inflation is manifesting even though India is better placed than its global counterparts due to government measures to control fuel prices.Floods and adverse effects of the are making urban Indians worry about climate change. These issues need to be addressed by the government first,” he said.

Meanwhile, the survey also captures citizens’ levels of optimism and pessimism towards their country. India overtook Indonesia to become the second most positive market; majority of the world’s citizens have a negative view of their economy.

In fact, 76% of urban Indians think their country is moving in the right direction. Saudi Arabia maintained its pole position to remain the most positive market in the world, with 93% of its citizens believing their country is on the right track.

“India propelled Indonesia to second most positive market with the majority of urban Indians believing that India is on the right track, showing that the general mood is quite optimistic in contrast to that of citizens of the world,” Adarkar said.

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