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MM News TVNAB responds to Imran Khan over Farah Khan investigation


LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said on Sunday that Farah Khan’s husband remains chairman of the district council and that an asset investigation may be opened against family members of a former public office holder.

The clarification came after former Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged that Farah Khan did not hold public office and was victimized.

The NAB spokesman said Farah Khan’s husband remained district council chairman from 1997 to 1999 and the anti-graft body reserves the right to investigate former public office holders or members of their family.

According to the NAB, a huge turnover amounting to Rs 847 million had been found in Farah Khan’s account over the past three years which did not match his reported account profile. These credits were received in his personal account and withdrawn immediately after the credit within a short period of time.

The NAB is an independent institution and the investigation against Farah Khan is consistent with the rule of law and the constitution, the spokesperson said.

Earlier, former Prime Minister Imran Khan commenting on the corruption allegations against Farah Khan PTI Chairman said: “My wife is a housewife, they didn’t find anything against her so they booked her friend just in case”.

Imran Khan said that “the real estate sector has generated a lot of money over the past three years. Farah Khan has worked in the real estate industry for 20 years. »

The President of the PTI said that the opening of these cases was aimed at attacking his person, reiterating that Farah is innocent.

“I ask the NAB if a case can even be made against Farah Khan or not?” Imran Khan questioned.