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New Milford approves $ 3 million for first round of US bailout spending


NEW MILFORD – The city is on track to use its first of its American Rescue Plan Act funds.

In a special meeting Monday night, voters approved 16 items totaling just over $ 3 million in its first round of spending under the American Rescue Plan Act, or ARPA. Residents were asked to express their support or concerns about how the city plans to allocate the funds.

The city received approximately $ 7.9 million of these federal funds to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the items approved in this first round include a small business relief fund, rent assistance and two new posts in the city: a domestic and family violence advocate in the social services department and a head of social services. EMS operations for New Milford Ambulance.

Local small business owners should be able to start asking for money around Dec. 1, Bass said.

Bethel has already approved a similar small business assistance program using its ARPA funds. Under this program, 70 local businesses facing financial stress from the pandemic will be able to request up to $ 5,000 in relief.

New Milford’s biggest item to date is the cost of $ 1.2 million to repair and save an old dam, Reservoir Park Reservoir No.4 Reservoir Dam.

Only a handful of residents spoke ahead of the vote, asking questions or expressing their thoughts on the spending.

A resident who spoke, Alexandra Thomas, said she wanted teachers to receive a bonus for their work during the pandemic.

“I hope this will be reconsidered at some point,” she said.

Another resident asked for clarification and details on an item for the freezers, which Mayor Pete Bass said was intended for the local food bank.

Bass said it was likely the first of six to seven rounds of allocating funds.

He added that the faster the city can allocate the money, the more the city will be able to maximize aid to local entities that have struggled during the pandemic.

“We will continue this process at the next city council meeting,” Bass said.

There is already another list of requests that the board needs to discuss.

Dividing allowances into separate installments allows city leaders and residents to iron out any confusion, questions or details without being overwhelmed by a long list, Bass explained.

“It gives us a chance to digest them little by little,” he said. “Whenever we can do it, we can be a little more specific.”

The full list of items for the $ 3 million includes:

Domestic violence and family advocate, two-year trial period – $ 200,000

New Milford Ambulance, Capital Items – $ 336,163

Head of EMS operations, cost avoidance over two years – $ 180,000

Arts Commission – $ 125,000

Non-profit organizations – $ 125,000

Dam repairs – $ 1,200,000

New Milford Fire Marshall Fire Packs – $ 15,900

New software Milford Fire Marshall $ 75,000

New Milford Fire Marshall iPads – $ 34,000

New Milford Fire Marshall radios – $ 51,000

Foreclosure Rental Assistance, Hope Fund – $ 100,000

Foreclosure Rental Assistance, Good Samaritan Fund – $ 100,000

Commercial grade food bank freezer – $ 7,500

New Milford Police Department, Public Safety – $ 22,800

New Milford Police Department Desescalator Simulator – $ 50,000

Business loans / grants – $ 395,000


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