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Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks at rally with local pastors demanding a moratorium on churches threatened with lockdown


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Reverend Jesse Jackson joined local pastors in their fight to stop what they call “tax and take” at Milwaukee City Hall on Tuesday, November 30. They are calling for an immediate moratorium on demand for city churches to pay taxes or face foreclosure.

Reverend Jesse Jackson and Operation Rainbow PUSH join forces with the Wisconsin State Baptist Convention, Church of God in Christ Milwaukee leaders, MICAH, United Pastors and Souls to the Polls to perform change.

“These are difficult times for the black community. We are facing COVID, a struggling economy and increased efforts to undermine our voting rights. This is a time when the City should work in partnership with urban churches to build a stronger, healthier future. Now is not the time to threaten the stability of churches in high risk neighborhoods, ”Reverend Jesse Jackson said ahead of the rally.

Clergy from Milwaukee and Racine said they had made efforts to meet with city leaders but could not find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

“As religious leaders committed to caring for our congregations in the midst of poverty, violence and deprivation, we call on the mayor and common council to cease and desist from actions that threaten our ability to meet the needs of the community. community, ”said Pastor Steve Tipton, leader of the Stop Tax and Take campaign.

Following the rally, Church leaders will deliver letters to the mayor, the chair of the Milwaukee Common Council, and council members demanding an immediate moratorium on “Tax and Take” activities by the assessor’s office.

The city’s assessor office said it was not aware of any church foreclosures.

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