Saved Savings – February 2018

On several occasions we have written texts on the subject of saving. Sometimes with saving tips, others to alert the urgency to make it a reality in our lives.

It is important to continue to strengthen this theme …

It is important to continue to strengthen this theme ...

The latest indicators of savings rates in Portugal can not leave us excited and only reinforce the need to underline this theme. But if we said before that there was no way to save, now it seems that the state has given us an extra boost to make saving almost mandatory.

The political decision to end with the twelfths seems to force us to save money. By the end of last year, there were hundreds of thousands of Portuguese receiving Christmas and / or Holiday subsidies in a phased manner for their 12-month work.

With the approval of the State Budget for 2018, this form of paying the subsidies is no longer a reality (in fact it is still possible to pay in twelfths, however the process is bureaucratic and few are keeping this form of receipt).

Let’s get an additional amount on a cake


When we receive these subsidies in full, on the one hand we have a lower monthly net value, but on the other hand we have a second full salary, which is paid in one step at specific times of the year, of the holiday period ( holiday allowance) and until December 15 (Christmas allowance). In order not to be caught up in the temptations of the consumer age, our advice is to think right now where and how you want to apply this value (know savings accounts and capitalization insurance).

We have to create saving habits

We have to create saving habits

It is true that saving should be a monthly habit rooted in our accounts, but when we receive a large amount at a time, at least part of it, should have a specific destination that does not go through immediate consumption. Ways of saving can and should vary according to the profile of people, but regardless of wanting to take more or less risk, remembering that saving is an investment that makes itself.

By saving we are transferring to the future the comfort of this extra income, with the advantage of still being able to add interest to the amount initially received. Do not leave this reflection for tomorrow. Define the destination of your money today!

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