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Should you refinance with withdrawal in 2022?


Here’s how to know if withdrawing money from your home is a good idea for the New Year.

You might have some goals in mind for 2022. These might include renovating your home, paying off an existing loan or credit card balance, or taking the long vacation you’ve been craving for. years.

But there’s one thing you’ll need to achieve whatever your primary goals are: money. And if you don’t have it available as savings, you may be considering removing it from your home with a cash refinance.

With regular refinancing, you trade in your existing mortgage for a new one and end up with the same remaining loan balance, ideally at a lower interest rate. With withdrawal refinancing, you borrow more than your mortgage balance and get the rest of that money in cash. You can then use that money for any purpose, whether it’s buying furniture or paying off another loan.

At this point, many homeowners have higher equity than usual due to the high value of their home. This means that a cash refinance can be fairly easy to qualify in 2022. Plus, mortgage rates are likely to start low next year, and most likely will stay low throughout the year. It also makes it a good time to refinance.

However, while cash refinancing may be feasible in 2022, that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for you. Here are some pros and cons to consider before applying for a refinance with withdrawal.

The advantages of cash-out refinancing

If you have enough equity in your home, cash refinancing may be easier to obtain than another type of loan, such as a personal loan. And it can come with a much lower interest rate, which makes borrowing that money less expensive.

Imagine that you are looking to renovate your basement. You can take out a personal loan, but you could pay twice as much interest as with refinancing with withdrawal.

The downside of cash-out refinancing

When you refinance with cash, you are using up some of the equity in your home. The result? You end up with less equity, which could prove problematic if you are having a financial crisis and need to borrow against your home in the future.

Additionally, while current refinance rates are very affordable and likely will remain so in 2022, a rollout refinance is still a loan. If you go this route, you could end up with a much higher mortgage payment than you currently have, despite a lower interest rate. This is because you will be increasing the principal of your loan.

What’s the right call?

Refinancing with cash could be a good way to borrow money when you need it. Think carefully about the pros and cons before deciding to apply for it in the New Year.

You may decide that there is a better way to borrow the money you need. Or, you may decide to put some of your plans on hold until you are able to save enough money to meet those goals without borrowing.