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Stockton and Winterport to collaborate on broadband


STOCKTON SPRINGS — After meeting with two representatives of the Winterport Broadband Committee, the Stockton Springs Select Board voted unanimously on May 5 to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the city of Winterport to work together to provide high-speed Internet service. to both cities.

Kevin Kelley and Ethan Tremblay of the Winterport Broadband Committee attended the session to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding, which does not currently include any financial obligations. The Prospect Select Board was also invited, but did not participate. The MOU provides that other municipalities in Maine can apply and become parties to it.

A meeting with Searsport City Manager James Gilway, which he had asked to discuss sewerage sharing, has been postponed to an indefinite later date.

The Select Board granted two taxpayer foreclosure applications relating to properties that were recently foreclosed; the owners found enough money to pay the back taxes, interest and penalties.

Council members also discussed a proposed new emergency operations plan and unanimously approved the plan on the condition that the city manager be added wherever the select council is mentioned. In an email to the Republican Journal, City Manager Mac Smith explained the condition was added because council would expect to work as a team with the City Manager in an emergency. Additionally, a security guard and scribe should be assigned to all claims, not just hazmat emergencies.

In other matters, council has decided to continue its discussion with Stockton’s Recycling and Energy Conservation Committee regarding the possible assignment of soon-to-be-installed heat pumps to a deceased community member.

Council members also approved an Eagle Scout project to be carried out by Boy Scout Robert Walker, in which he will clean up the city’s Peterson Park and build two picnic tables for the area.

Smith said he had spoken with representatives of the Mt. Prospect Cemetery Association, who withdrew their request that the city take over the property and care for the Church Street Cemetery. They did this because they felt, after reflection, that they could continue to care for the cemetery.

Smith also said he would give board members an updated copy of the council’s letter for the city’s report.

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