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WATCH Trevor Noah tries to understand Elon Musk’s purchase on Twitter and the Stock Market – SAPeople

Trevor Noah tries to understand Elon Musk’s Twitter buy and the stock market. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Daily Show host, South African expat Trevor Noah, has expressed concern to many about the ‘billionaire games’ that the super-rich, like fellow South African expat Elon Musk, are playing with the market scholarship. Look below.

The Daily Show, which has nearly 10 million subscribers on YouTube, said: “Trevor is no expert in finance, but the details of buying Elon Musk on Twitter seem a bit bizarre.”

Trevor described how, to him, certain aspects of the stock market seem a little “scammer”. Speaking to his audience Between scenes, Trevor said he could kind of understand how a businessman worth billions on the stock market can’t pay tax on those billions because the money doesn’t exist. not quite and the value of the shares might drop…but then he said how can someone then be allowed to use those same shares as collateral if that value doesn’t quite exist ?

Thousands agree with Trevor. A YouTube user said, “The scholarship is literally a scam.” Another said: “Trevor is right! I think if billionaires use shares as collateral or in any other transaction, the government should tax the shares based on the value stated in the transaction. It is realized only if the owner does not use it at all.

Many were grateful for Trevor’s insight, with an American saying “well explained by Trevor. Brilliant minds like his always find a way to put complex words into words everyone can understand.

Another added: “Such a brilliant young man! He just broke it down so eloquently and clearly that even a fool could see the games being played at the highest echelons of the economy.

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