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Andrea Smith, Bryan, v Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., Kennett Square, Pa. And Director Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, Columbus. Worker’s Comp.

Michael McGill, Mentor, Ky., V John Logue, Director, Columbus, and Titan Tire Corp. from Bryan, Quincy, Ill. Worker’s comp.

Premier Bank, formerly known as First Federal Bank of the Midwest, Youngstown, v Matthew Sauceda, Montpelier and Andrea Sauceda, Bryan. Foreclosure.

Premier Bank, Youngstown, against Janice Clair, and spouse unknown if applicable, Montpellier. Foreclosure.

Credit Acceptance Corp., Columbus, v Megan Miller, Montpellier. Judgment of money.

Credit Acceptance Corp., Columbus, v Douglas Hall, Bryan. Judgment of money.

Barclay’s Bank Delaware, Columbus, v Judy Sentle, Alvordton. Judgment of money.

SPV I Cavalry, LLC, Columbus, versus Robin Anders, Edgerton. Judgment of money.

Crown Asset Management, LLC, Columbus, v Miranda Maynard, Montpellier. Judgment of money.

Midland Credit Management, Inc., San Diego, Calif., V Craig Borst, Pioneer. Judgment of money.

Synchrony Bank, Draper, Utah, versus Tammy Schwab, Edgerton. Judgment of money.

Kim Helms and Nina Helms, both of Bryan, v 1-800-Hanson LLC, Troy, Mich., Money judgment.

Toledo Edison Company, Holland, v Blake Dolt, Oakwood. Other civilian.

Blake Thiel, Edon, vs. Dakota Mason, Edon. Other civilian.

Danyelle Wonderly, Bryan, and Nathan Wonderly, Bryan. Dissolution of marriage.

Neil Fry, Montpellier, and Cheryl Fry, Bryan. Dissolution of marriage.

Christopher Cullis II, Alvordton, and Sara Cullis, Alvordton. Dissolution of marriage.

James Beltz, Bryan, vs. Asiah Beltz, Defiance. Divorced.

Deardorf Property Management Inc., Cincinnati, c. Valier Robinson, Bryan. Money judgment granted.

Midland Funding, LLC, San Diego, Calif., Vs. Patricia Hilton, Reading, Michigan. Judgment granted.

Citibank, Sioux Falls, SD, vs. Scott Oberlin, Bryan. Money judgment granted.

1st Financial Bank, Columbus, v Joseph Boggs, West Unity. Money judgment granted.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, v Melissa Diamond, Montpellier. Money judgment granted.

Midland Credit Management Inc., San Diego, Calif., V Kimberly Wheeler, Bryan. Money judgment granted.

Genfed Financial Credit Union, Akron, v Matthew Shaffer, Bryan. Money judgment granted.

Merriman Investments LLC, New York, NY, v Leslie Houser, Montpellier. Money judgment granted.

SWOT / Carmel Holding I, LLC, Phoenix, Arizona, v Kyle Sakos, Pioneer. Money judgment granted.

LVNV Funding, LLC, Louisville, Ky., V Jeff Pease, Edon. Money judgment granted.

SPV Cavalry I, LLC, Valhalla, NY, versus Tammy Spraggins, Bryan. Money judgment granted.

William and Carol Ruffer to Joel and Nicole Stier, 1310 Colonial Lane.

More Rentals, LLC at Richard Woodart, 717 N. William St.

David Motter to Chad Helms, 329 N. Myers St.

Six Cousins, LLC to Christopher Cullis, Director, 133 S. Walnut St.

Sherrill Reed, Trustee, at Penny Lahman, 123 S. Portland St.

Stuart Kammeyer and Pamela Kammeyer to Daniel Kammeyer and Paul Kammeyer, 609 S. Williams St.

Angela Smalley at Jenna McMaken, 506 S. Williams St.

S. Mohre Investments LLC at W Welch Properties, LLC, 121 S. Emmet St.

David Roebuck, Trustee, at Ann Smith, 339 Carson Drive.

L&J Property Management LLC at Zackery Josefowicz and Joseph Beville, 230 E. South St.

Ralph Barker at Lamar Robarge, 06337 Ohio 576.

Benjimin Brown at Jason Wilson, 04791 County Road 8.

Matthew Repp to Robert and Edwina Liszi, 10348 County Road F.

Garry and Diane Rising to Daniel and Mallory Tinch, 18663 Ohio 34.

Carlin c / o Levi Williams at Nathan D. Carlin, 05366 County Road 19.

Rusty and Sue Goebel at Goebel Family Farms, LLC, 05870 County Road 23.50.

Jerry and Nadine Morehouse, Trustees, at Scott Morehouse, 24595 County Road A.


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